Reform Club Reunion a Hit With Old Bloxhamists
Old Bloxhamists and members of staff had the chance to catch up at the fantastic Reform Club in London.

With members ranging from the Duchess of Cornwall to Sir David Attenborough and having featured in numerous films, the Reform Club proved to be an exciting venue for an Old Bloxhamist London Reunion.

Simon Batten welcomed all of our guests, and expressed how lovely it was to see OBs who had left in the 90s and 00s who make up the majority of the London cohort. As this event falls at the beginning of half term, Simon shared the new events that the school has launched for OBs since the start of the year, such as the Christmas reunion for recent leavers, the Joc Revival, and House Centenaries, thanking those who organised, and those who came along as each event has proven to be a roaring success.

It was splendid to see so many familiar faces; we were joined by OBs who left from 1980s to just last year, as well as members of staff. Thank you for coming along and sharing the evening with us. For information on forthcoming events and all Old Bloxhamist news, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
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