Hats Off to Old Bloxhamists for Completing the Tour de Trigs
Congratulations to three Old Bloxhamists for completing the challenging Tour de Trigs over the weekend.

Max Langer (Eg 2010-16), Tobi Ng (Sy 2009-16) and Hugh Johnston (Eg 2009-16) spent the night navigating their way across Oxfordshire in order to complete the Tour de Trigs. The 50 mile night hike is a huge undertaking; testing a team's navigation skills and resilience. Starting in Bodicote, the hike ventures across the River Cherwell and between Ordanance Survey Triangulation Points in Claydon, Edge Hill, Brailes, Cherington, Whichford, Sibford Gower, Swacliffe, Shutford, North Newington, Crouch Hill, before bringing the hikers back to Bodicote.

The above photo was taken at Hobb Hill, at 9:55am when the boys had just half a mile left to go.
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