Inside Insurance: Mark Hutley Delivers Sixth Form Careers Talk
Old Bloxhamist, Mark Hutley visited Bloxham School Sixth Formers on Friday to deliver a lecture on the Insurance Industry.

Following on from the Old Bloxhamist networking evening, Mark Hutley (Wf 1986-88), MD of Iris Insurance Brokers delivered a talk about how young people can break into the Insurance Industry, and how it works, using "Ken Dodd's teeth" as a humours example of how risk is evaluated. Roland attended the event and like many of our Sixth Form students had little prior knowledge of the Insurance world, but found the seminar "eye-opening" and came away encouraged to find out more. You can read more reviews in full here.

The talk was part of the Sixth Form Seminar Series, and therefore attended by the Sixth Form, as well as Nigel and Jan Furley (Nigel was Mark's Housemaster at the time) and both were delighted to see him back offering advice and opportunties to Bloxham students.
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