Wilson House Celebrates 100 Years
On Saturday, Old Bloxhamists and former members of staff joined the school in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Wilson House.

In 1916, the main boarding house at Bloxham School divided into three stand-alone Houses; Wilberforce, Crake, and the Headmaster's House, which was later renamed "Wilson" after the bursar, CJ Wilson. This year, the school will celebrate 100 years of each House, with Wilson kick-starting the festivities.

Old Bloxhamists who left the school in the 1940s up until last year came together for a drinks reception in the Vallance Library, where there was a archive display of Wilson through the ages, complete with old school photographs, Wilson clothing, and student report cards. A group of current Wilson boys invited the guests to take a tour of Wilson House so they could see what has changed, and what has stayed the same since they were last here.

Over dinner, Wilson Housemaster, Mark Skevington formally welcomed everybody back to Bloxham and shared memories and anecdotes from his 30 years at Bloxham School, which sparked laughter across the tables. A lovely evening was had by all, and the current boys continued the celebrations on into the evening at their House Dance.
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